“. . . because of supply chain issues!”

This phrase, used countless times in our businesses, triggers great anxiety for me. It automatically focuses attention on a symptom and implies blame on a specific group. Countless wasteful hours are spent on CYAs (“covering your asses”), finding fault elsewhere, attempting to hold some person or group accountable, creating discord that build walls in the organization, thus negatively affecting a company’s culture.

Yes, every company has and will have supply chain issues, but many times the root cause lies inside the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process—specifically when developing the demand forecast.

Forecasting With Out-Liars

Mitigating Blame, Bias, and Apathy in Your Planning Process to Drive Meaningful and Sustainable Financial Improvements

Forecasting business is one of the biggest challenges all companies face. It requires dealing with a significant number of variables that are unknown, uncontrollable, and difficult to manage. Implementing a formal Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process promises the company better alignment, financial benefits, and improved customer satisfaction. But often, the process falls short of expectations. So, to improve forecasting, leaders invest in consulting, systems, and tools, only to find themselves frustrated with the results. This frustration contributes to a “blame culture” that drives forecast bias and apathy, thus giving forecasting little chance to succeed.

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